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Is it a face? The face you see above? Is it a newborn brand or just a huge dream of a dreamy romantic girl based in Crete ?

Let me answer you....It is a ''yes'' to all of those questions . #stellapo1 is a newborn brand , based in Crete ,the biggest island of #greece . It started when the face you see at the photo above (me , Stella Pontikaki ) dreamed of a clothing label that could combined Fashion & Art. After 10 years of studies and workexperience on design and pattern making the right time came to make the big step of launching an eshop and a physical shop , at least this is what i thought .. Two weeks before the formal begging of the phisycal shop Coronavirus strikes the planet ! That was unexpected not only for STELLA PO. but for the humanity itself.

So , two years we all froze our dreams , rethink and replaned everything from scrach and tried to balance.

But the dream was still alive ...and today here i am in a very happy position of introducing my dream , my clothing brand to you !

Follow me in my adventure of achieving my big dream , create a brand well known for the aesthetic , the creativity and the unique handmade garments . A brand that advocate art combined with fashion .

Stay tuned in our journey . Until next post stay safe and happy


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